Christmas time in New York

Seeing New York at Christmas was a big bucket list item checked off for me, Kristina, which is why we did it for my birthday this year! And let me just say, it should be on everyone’s bucket list. It was majestic. I definitely want to go again sometime, so hopefully this will be the first of many visits to New York at Christmas time. Do you see the look on my face in this picture, that was the look on my face constantly, a look of wonder and just trying to soak in every second of this magical place.


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Packing for Winter Wonderlands

Let me start by saying that all these girls who inspired my wardrobe for this trip would have been freezing, as I was for most of this trip.  The women who were not from southern California and knew how to dress appropriately for cold weather looked more like this…..

Oh, how I wished I had that fluffy pink number that little lady on the right is wearing.  Let me preface all this by saying as well that I am a giant baby in cold weather.  Being born and raised in sunny Los Angeles has definitely spoiled me.  So here is my advice if you plan to take a trip somewhere frosty this winter.  Continue reading

Packing for a honeymoon in Costa Rica

My sister got married last year and went on her honeymoon this past January to Costa Rica. They stayed in Montezuma at Ylang Ylang beach resort and had a wonderful time. I had the wonderful privilege of helping her pack for the trip, as you know from previous posts, packing is one of my favorite past times.

Below are some of the outfits that we put together for her trip. She felt very happy with everything that she brought the only thing she would have done differently is brought some lightweight cargo pants for zip lining and another romper or dress because they are so easy to wear when traveling in warmer climates.


Below are some photos from their trip.  It was super beautiful and a great place to go for a honeymoon.  Their favorite thing they did was go ziplining and swimming in the Montezuma Falls. Adam and I are definitely going to have to add this one too our list of places to go.  Next on Noelle and Erik’s list is to go somewhere in Europe! Erik is passionate about going to  Scandinavia.



The Port of Seattle

So this is, by far, one of my favorite big-city skylines I have ever seen. Set right on the water, perpetually cloudy skies, and, of course, the space needle, this skyline has almost everything I love in a single glance. Not even a head-turn needed.

Because we didn’t spend any real time in the city, a shame – I know, all of our shots are of the water and the only thing about which we can speak authoritatively is that it sure looks beautiful from the harbor. So with that, some shots of Seattle from our ship. Enjoy! Continue reading