The Souk and The Citizenry

We’ve fallen in love…with an online artisanal home store called, The Citizenry. They believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take, and so do we! Country by country, they collaborate with local artisans by blending their modern style with that particular country’s timeworn techniques.  The latest collection just so happens to be inspired by Morocco.  Not only, does this collection have us dreaming about our trip to Morocco back in 2015, but it also adds a few more items to the wishlist to complete the decorating of our new place in Ventura.

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Must see churches in Paris, Prague, and Munich

We love churches. They are one of our favorite things to see when we travel. The grandeur and the scale of everything is breathtaking and the attention to detail because, well, they are meant to inspire awe, to draw your attention to the divine, is like nothing else on earth. No surface is unadorned. No door is boring. And the architecture…

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The best way to see the Louvre

The Louvre is big. No wait, that’s an understatement. It’s massive. Hmmm…still too small. Enormous? Colossal? Gargantuan? Are you getting the picture? We got there when the Louvre opened at 9 a.m. and figured we’d wander around and check it all out before lunch. Oh how young and naive we were back then. We ended up dragging our tired butts out of there around 2:30 because it was either leave some of the art unseen or die in the Louvre of starvation.

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Magic in Paris

We’ve already mentioned that our trip to New York, Paris, Prague, and Munich was for Kristina’s thirtieth. But within that trip, there were little things intended to specifically celebrate her as well.  In New York we saw the Rockettes. In Paris, it was a dressed-up dinner for two at Verjus.

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City of Gold to City of Steele

Have any of you ever seen the documentary “City of Gold”? It’s about a food critic, Jonathan Gold, who writes reviews for the LA Times, and who, incidentally, won a Pulitzer in 2007. A freakin Pulitzer. Jealousy aside, the documentary is pretty amazing (and it’s available to stream on Netflix if you’re interested). It chronicles his career, but also a lot of the food that he reviewed here in LA. His focus was on smaller, less well-known restaurants, everything from street carts and food trucks to strip-mall eateries. His focus was on food that was made for a specific neighborhood, by inhabitants of that neighborhood. It was truly just about the food.


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Christmas Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris is like shopping in New York.  There is an abundance of beautiful shops and things to buy; definitely a paradise for someone like me, Kristina, who loves shopping. Going during the holidays was magical because I was able to focus on finding gifts for loved ones while enjoying the beautiful shops in each place we visited.  We definitely had to weed through several areas filled with nothing but touristy souvenirs, but we were able to find some special things in these spots……… Continue reading


Eataly, why had I never heard of this before.  The largest Italian Marketplace in the WORLD! They opened the first location in Turin in 2007 and have since grown like crazy, opening locations in New York, Japan, Chicago, Milan, and more. Each Eataly is comprised of a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, a bakery, retail items, and even a cooking school.

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Winter Walks in NYC

New York is truly a beautiful city, especially during the winter time.  Central Park and the Chelsea high line are two areas specifically that offer some beautiful scenery, but just wandering through the streets can be awe-inspiring as you check out the architecture and admire the impressive skyline from below.  dsc00119-copydsc00111-copyimg_1282

We found this view (and that tiny snowman) at a small mock fairytale castle nestled on a hill in Central Park. Sorry for the PDA. Continue reading

We love Ramen

We love ramen.  Like really, really love ramen. It’s like this amazing ethnic version of comfort food that is prettier than basically all american foods and more filling/delicious than chicken noodle soup or some other american counterpart. Honestly, what’s not to love about ramen. On a cold New York afternoon, it’s even better. At Ippudo NY (located at 321 West 51st Street in Midtown or at 65 4th Avenue in the East Village – we went to the one in Midtown), the line out the door and hour long wait at 1 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon should be some indication of just how good this place is. But to believe how amazing it is (seriously, I see their pork buns in dreams…still…it’s a problem), you will just have to eat there.

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