The Souk and The Citizenry

We’ve fallen in love…with an online artisanal home store called, The Citizenry. They believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take, and so do we! Country by country, they collaborate with local artisans by blending their modern style with that particular country’s timeworn techniques.  The latest collection just so happens to be inspired by Morocco.  Not only, does this collection have us dreaming about our trip to Morocco back in 2015, but it also adds a few more items to the wishlist to complete the decorating of our new place in Ventura.

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The Best BBQ

When we needed a break from all the hard work in the sun, this was the perfect afternoon pick me up, and the next stop on our tour down main street.

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House Updates

I, Kristina, apologize for the lack of house posts lately.  I am kinda a perfectionist sometimes and the house is so close to being done on the inside that I am waiting to finish the last few details for big reveal.  On the hunt to find the perfect little kitchen table, once I find it, I promise photos will come! In the meantime we have started work on the studio in the back and working on the exterior of the house. My amazing Dad, see below, has been helping us and teaching throughout this whole process and now has taken on the challenge of teaching us how to put on new siding to the outside of the house!   So here’s the skinny……..


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The best way to see the Louvre

The Louvre is big. No wait, that’s an understatement. It’s massive. Hmmm…still too small. Enormous? Colossal? Gargantuan? Are you getting the picture? We got there when the Louvre opened at 9 a.m. and figured we’d wander around and check it all out before lunch. Oh how young and naive we were back then. We ended up dragging our tired butts out of there around 2:30 because it was either leave some of the art unseen or die in the Louvre of starvation.

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Pete’s Breakfast House

At the corner of Catalina and Main Street, in what is technically Midtown, is Pete’s Breakfast House. I wish I could say that this is a secret little gem in Ventura, but the secret is already out. It’s one of the highest rated breakfast spots in Ventura (according the Yelp), and there is almost always a wait of at least 15 minutes. You can see a picture of me pouting about the wait below.

Once you’re inside, it’s a no-frills diner-style experience. The service is great and it truly feels like a small town eatery, which just helps to highlight the food. They even offer free coffee while you wait, and have plenty of benches to sit on.

This was actually our second trip here so, when you’re looking at all the pictures, no judging our four meals and calling us fat kids in your head – even though you’d be right, we’re total fat kids. The food is good, so multiple trips was a pleasure. The first time I was there, I went savory with a pretty good breakfast burrito and Kristina got a sandwich. Likely not the things we were supposed to get at Pete’s, so we had to give it another try. The breakfast burrito was good, but certainly not the best I’ve had. That distinction still belongs to King’s Burgers in Northridge (hit em up in you’re in the area, but give yourself about 45 minutes…and make sure you get TONS of the taco sauce). See how easily I get off track? Anyway, I would rate this burrito a 7/10. It’s got everything you need in a good burrito, but it won’t keep you coming back morning after morning because it’s haunting your dreams at night.



So after the burrito, I decided that I needed to go sweet on our second trip…and Kristina decided to actually order breakfast at the breakfast place (duh). I got the French Toast combo and K got a frittata with country potatoes and a biscuit (much better this time around, babe).

Much better ordering for her, and much better food for me this time around. It seems that savory was the way to go. The french toast was awesome. Soft in the middle, just a touch crispy on the outside, and the syrup. Oh, that syrup. If I had known, I would have put it on my burrito the first time I was there. I don’t even know what it was about it. It was just good.


Below are some close ups of our first meal here.



Magic in Paris

We’ve already mentioned that our trip to New York, Paris, Prague, and Munich was for Kristina’s thirtieth. But within that trip, there were little things intended to specifically celebrate her as well.  In New York we saw the Rockettes. In Paris, it was a dressed-up dinner for two at Verjus.

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Travel Hacking 101

We aren’t those travel bloggers who give up everything, leave behind family and friends, and spend years seeing the world. Though we might like to be at times, we recognize that living life on the road would just be too hard for us. We couldn’t be away from our family, friends, or church for that long. I could do a year or two, but Kristina would struggle to be away from everyone for even a summer (which will happen soon, oh yes, it will happen). That’s part of the reason we started this blog, to reach out to people like us, who love travel but, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t throw caution to the wind and permanently hit the road.

But if we were those travel bloggers, we could afford to be a little more flexible with how we travel. We could roll out of bed and see what we feel like doing that day. Stay in and read all day? Sure. Walk around town, meet some locals, wander in to whatever eatery sounds good? Why not! Brave the crowds and visit a tourist attraction? I guess. The world would be our oyster and we would take our time exploring it. Unfortunately for us, and I am guessing most of you, our vacation time is finite, and expensive, and the part of the world we are visiting likely won’t be seen again for quite a while, so we work our tails off to try to pack in as much of that locale as we possibly can.

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City of Gold to City of Steele

Have any of you ever seen the documentary “City of Gold”? It’s about a food critic, Jonathan Gold, who writes reviews for the LA Times, and who, incidentally, won a Pulitzer in 2007. A freakin Pulitzer. Jealousy aside, the documentary is pretty amazing (and it’s available to stream on Netflix if you’re interested). It chronicles his career, but also a lot of the food that he reviewed here in LA. His focus was on smaller, less well-known restaurants, everything from street carts and food trucks to strip-mall eateries. His focus was on food that was made for a specific neighborhood, by inhabitants of that neighborhood. It was truly just about the food.


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