About Us


Our names are Adam and Kristina and we are doing our very best to live a travel inspired life. There’s nothing different or special about us, we just make travel a priority and save to leave the country at least once every other year.

But, we do have deep roots here in Southern California and aren’t willing to leave our friends and family behind permanently while we move around the world, so our goal is to bring our travels home with us.

Hopefully, this blog will be a place where you can share in our passions for travel, food, cultures, and beautiful things, find out all the best spots for feeling like you’re abroad in the greater Los Angeles area (or a top list of things to do on a visit to LA), be inspired to try new things, and, just maybe, discover your own adventure. In the mean time, thank you for joining us on ours – it’s already been quite a ride.

Mission Statement

Home made suitcase was created to share our passion for travel, good food, and beautiful things with fellow creatives and couples.  We want to inspire others through our travel,home, and lifestyle posts to see that making travel a part of your life, whether at home or away, is worth prioritizing.  We hope people can relate to us and to our page, that it feels just like a home away from home.