Sticky Fingers Baking Company

Next stop on Main Street is Sticky Fingers Baking Company is a lovely little bakery about ten minutes walking from our house. It’s a single batch bakery, which means that they bake their confections fresh every morning and, once they’re gone – they gone.



While the shop itself is rocking this rad retro vibe, complete with pinup-style baker on the window, the whole idea of a single-batch bakery felt so wonderfully European that we couldn’t help but love it. I got a maple muffin (warm and scrumptious) and Kristina got the waffle (she says samesies) and we each got a latte.

Most of the patrons get their treats to go, but there is a table inside the shop, which was perfect for the two of us…though it would be rough to have any more than two or three eating in at any given time. Or you can eat at the lone red table in front of the shop. Did I mention that this place is so delightfully European feeling…and sitting at this adorable red table and watching Ventura stroll by is just the bees knees (I’m vibing that fifties thing pretty hard right now).



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