A walking tour of Prague


So Prague. Am I right? Honestly every building in Praha is photograph worthy. And not like 14-year-old-flooding-your-feed-with-selfies kind photo-worthy, but actual stunning architecture, history, and design photo-worthy. That was a weird sentence. This post is going off the rails fast. Check out some pics and I’ll try to regroup.


Okay, so Prague is gorgeous. Fun fact: it was one of the only cities in Europe not ransacked and/or destroyed by the Nazis. So there is literally gold and silver everywhere. And all these amazing bridges and buildings have basically remained untouched over centuries.

And we were there for Christmas, which as magical. But it could have been more magical. Here’s what I(Adam, Kristina told him he was crazy) expected: empty streets on Christmas morning, a light blanket of snow covering everything, and my footprints being the first to mark the streets on a holiday where the rest of the world would be inside with loved ones opening presents and eating pie for breakfast.

Here’s what I got: people. A freaking butt-ton of people. Like shoulder to shoulder people. More people than New York. More people than Paris. People. Color me disappointed. But I moved on. Maybe I’m still a little salty. Check out some more pics and I’ll shake it off (stop singing T-Swizzle. Just me? Okay).


Fun fact #2: They used to have pictures distinct to a residence in lieu of addresses. For example, the house below would have been the “3 Violins” house. There were all kinds of them – in fact – our hotel was the Golden Well Hotel, named because it used to labeled by that emblem back in the day. I know. Awesome.





So we saw some palaces, walked around a bunch, ate some great food, drank some great beer, and took this really informative walking tour of the city. We even saw a troll. Or whatever that little statue guy down there is supposed to be. He was cool. No big deal. Moving on…


This is the beautiful historic Charles Bridge.  It takes you right to the middle of old town. See all those little specs on top of the bridge, those are tourists, lots and lots of tourists.  Our taxi driver told us that locals don’t even use this bridge anymore.


Finally, the river was one of our favorite parts of the city. Because we walked everywhere, we got to cross this bad boy every day getting from the lesser town (the name of the actual old old town) and the old town (confusing, I know). You know I love water anyway, so the boat tour of the city from the river was a pretty cool experience.

One last fun fact: The statue a couple of images down is St John Nepomuk. John of Nepomuk was a priest in Prague under King Wenceslas IV (son of Charles IV).  A little Prague history for you, the Queen made a confession to John of Nepomuk.  The King tried to get John to tell him what she had confessed and when he wouldn’t the King had him executed by being thrown into the river.  There are two plaques at the base of the statue the left one depicts John being thrown into the river, they say that if you touch it you will come back to Prague. The plaque on the right is of a dog and the queen, if you touch that one you will be lucky. And if you get greedy and touch both, you will get pregnant. We were touching the crap outta that whole thing. Bring on the babies.

And thank you, Prague, for an amazing time. Tell a bunch of your tourists to take a break for a while and we’ll be on the next plane back. Seriously though, so many people. Here’s some more pics of some food and buildings and stuff. You’re welcome.





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