The Best Breakfast Bowls…

and just breakfast in general.  Keep reading for some of the breakfast highlights from our trip to Paris, Prague, and Munich as well as some pictures of how we’ve brought some of those breakfasts home to Ventura (not literally – that would be disgusting).



These pictures are from our Christmas morning breakfast at Cafe Savoy.  Freshly baked bread, warm tea, eggs, french toast – heaven.


I also loved the atmosphere at this place.  Reminded me of so many images I had looked at for inspiration while working at Anthropologie of European bakeries and cafes.  I couldn’t believe I was really here.  It was such a dreamy way to spend Christmas morning.

Next up is Hungriez Herz in Munich.  If you want to hang with the locals, have a tasty breakfast, and good coffee, then come here.  I think they make fresh pizzas for lunch, too.


Another place where dreams are made, Buvette in Paris.  No explanation needed just look at the pictures below.


Next up, Holy Belly in Paris.  A totally different feel than Buvette but equally delicious.  Adam got the Savory stack with bacon and homemade bourbon butter.  Excellent choice.  I got the black porridge, which doesn’t sound as good, but look how pretty it is.  It was really delicious and surprisingly one of my favorite meals of the trip.


Below some homemade breakfasts by moi…


Yogurt with candied ginger, brown sugar, oranges, pumpkin seeds and goji berries.


Avocado toast inspired by my breakfast at Hungriez Herz, added a little lox since it’s my new favorite thing after our trip to Russ and Daughters in NY.


Coconut porridge with raspberries, dried golden berries, and shredded coconut. Inspired by the black porridge at Holy Belly, but not as good.  How much longer until we get to go to Paris again???


After that amazing french toast from Cafe Savoy with all the fresh fruit, I was craving something like that so I busted out the waffle maker and did waffles topped with fried egg and walnuts, mango and bananas, covered in maple syrup. Yum!

So I am officially hungry! What’s for breakfast??


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