Introducing….The Studio

One of the things that was the most intriguing about our place when we were first looking at it was this locked storage room. It hadn’t been entered in years and the listing agent didn’t even have a key for it. Of course, the dream is that you purchase an old place like this and, once you get into the mysterious storage space, discover that it’s where the original owner stored her gold bars, or long lost Picasso paintings, or stash of emeralds and diamonds and rubies. No such luck. But is it crazy to say that what we did find was almost as good?


What was there was a very small, but very inhabitable space. It already had the plumbing for a bathroom and a kitchen – though all of it was pretty nasty – and it was clear that at one point it was a carpeted space. So we went about trying to find out if we could legally rent it as a unit.

Spoiler alert – the answer was yes. And so construction began on what will eventually become our fourth unit. But before any of that, we had some work to do. Lots and lots of work.

Step one was to shore up all the leaks so that it stops flooding. Yeah, flooding. In a lot of ways, it was lucky that this was the wettest season in like 30 years because it showed us, before we started renovating, what basic work needed doing to make sure our future tenant didn’t wake up in a couple of inches of water.


So we stripped away the drywall from inside, and then the siding on the outside. As you can see, it was pretty waterlogged. So that all came down and was replaced. Then it was reflashed and the wall was waterproofed to avoid future leaking. The roof was checked and we are ready to move on. It got a new window while we were at it.

This is still a work in progress, so the next step is to get to the siding on the upstairs unit to make sure that it’s all water tight as well. Onward and upward, as it were. More pictures to come once it’s done.



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