Koba Sushi on Main Street

Our run through the restaurants of Main Street continues with Koba sushi. This quaint little place is just no frills, no fuss, fish. The menu is simple and small, with only a few specialty rolls on there. The price is comparable to most other sushi places, but the portions are massive and everything tasted super fresh.

One of the specials was the Blue Fin Toro sushi. AMAZING!!! It was 7 bucks per piece, but worth every penny. My only complaint is that I couldn’t afford to order a dozen of them for myself. But that was a special. Also on the special menu was the wild salmon nigiri. Also delicious, though not in the same melts-like-butter-in-your-mouth kind of way that the toro was delicious.


In truth, the nigiri menu is frustrating. There was a sashimi plate that had all the staples – tuna, salmon, albacore, and yellowtail – but I like a little rice with my fish. The nigiri menu was as sparse as the roll menu and to piece together a decent sushi meal would have cost a small fortune. So we added some hand rolls and some pork gyoza to help fill things out. The gyoza were just okay, but the hand rolls were packed with goodness and, as I mentioned before, the portions were massive.


All in all, it’s a good place for some good fish. Not sure it’s my sushi spot in Ventura just yet, but it’s a darn good option.



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