How We Decided Real Estate Investment Was a Good Idea

7 years ago, after years of searching, we found the beauty below and thought, “This! This is the house that will launch our real estate investment career.”

Obviously, that’s not true. We were just looking for a home, a place to live, a roof over our heads that was ours. Real estate as a form of investment was still just a twinkle in my eye, and something that Kristina was not that into. But things change.


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The Best Breakfast Bowls…

and just breakfast in general.  Keep reading for some of the breakfast highlights from our trip to Paris, Prague, and Munich as well as some pictures of how we’ve brought some of those breakfasts home to Ventura (not literally – that would be disgusting).



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Introducing….The Studio

One of the things that was the most intriguing about our place when we were first looking at it was this locked storage room. It hadn’t been entered in years and the listing agent didn’t even have a key for it. Of course, the dream is that you purchase an old place like this and, once you get into the mysterious storage space, discover that it’s where the original owner stored her gold bars, or long lost Picasso paintings, or stash of emeralds and diamonds and rubies. No such luck. But is it crazy to say that what we did find was almost as good?

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Koba Sushi on Main Street

Our run through the restaurants of Main Street continues with Koba sushi. This quaint little place is just no frills, no fuss, fish. The menu is simple and small, with only a few specialty rolls on there. The price is comparable to most other sushi places, but the portions are massive and everything tasted super fresh.

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