Let’s get healthy

If you have been following our blog for any length of time now, you’ve probably noticed we like to eat, and we like to eat everything.  So while we respect the vegans and health conscious individuals out there, we don’t like putting too many restrictions on ourselves.  With that said, we do want to take care of our bodies and be healthy, soooo we are committing to incorporating more greens and less sugar into our daily diets.  

A great resource for healthy groceries is Thrive Market. We were members last year and were able to try a lot of cool food and beauty products at great discounted prices. We would definitely recommend it for anyone trying to pursue a healthy diet on a budget.  They sell this awesome little cookbook with some really delicious recipes and a grocery list for a 5 day detox.  We did the whole detox last year, but below are some of our favorite recipes that we continue to incorporate into our diet.


What we love about these recipes is that they are so packed with flavor! It’s amazing how much flavor vegetarian dishes can have, as we mentioned in our last post about Verjus in Paris. We are trying to eat less meat and incorporate more of these amazing vegetarian dishes.  Another great restaurant for vegetarian flavor is Meals by Genet in Los Angeles that we mentioned in another post last week.


We hope this article inspires you to join us to make every effort to eat less sugar, more greens; less meat, and more flavor. Cheers!


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