The Best BBQ

When we needed a break from all the hard work in the sun, this was the perfect afternoon pick me up, and the next stop on our tour down main street.


So, you know the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Don’t judge a restaurant by it’s appearance either.  We will admit, we probably would have never tried this place if it weren’t for that we are trying every restaurant on main as part of our City of Steele challenge.  The weird mannequin in front, the confusing name, the large Pepsi advertisements, again the weird mannequin in front…..all reasons to not eat here.  But, as you can see in very small print on the menu above, it was voted best in Ventura County for a reason.


We tried the pulled pork sandwich with the coleslaw and bbq beans to go. The pork was so good!!! It had this amazing smoky flavor that I could smell coming from the bag my whole bike ride home! The best part is that the beans have some of that tasty smokey meat mixed in there too.  The cole slaw was also great, sweet, crisp and refreshing to compliment the warm sandwich.  Definitely going back!


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