Forward thinking fashion

It’s an interesting time in fashion right now. All the trends emerging on the runways for Fall 2017, and even what we saw the celebrities wearing at the Oscar’s last week, are making statements to shout out women’s rights and equality, and we LOVE it!

For Spring we are seeing hyper feminine trends like all things pink, florals, voluminous sleeves, and tinkerbell sandals celebrating femininity.  Many designers even did graphic tees supporting different causes. And for Fall it’s all about the new power suit with several designers highlighting looks for the hard working, entrepreneurial woman.  This contrast in fashion is bound to create some exciting street style, follow along @kristinasteele on instagram to see how I incorporate it into my weekly wardrobe.


Harper’s Bazaar


Prada Spring 2017


Zac Posen Spring 2017




Michael Kors Fall 2017


The Row Fall 2017



The Oscars this year also made a fashion statement with some very feminine looks and political statements as well.


Director Ava DuVernay chose to make a political statement by wearing a dress from a designer from Lebanon as a sign of solidarity.


Janelle Monae, from Hidden Figures, wore this beautiful hyper feminine silhouette by Elie Saab.  Definitely my favorite look from the evening; she looks like a queen!


Karlie Kloss and Ruth Negga wore ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) ribbons as an act of solidarity as well.

As you can see, fashion is making a statement. We love the celebration of women and attention being drawn towards equality.  So, this spring as you go through your closet pull out the florals and the color; let’s spread the love and be happy!


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