Magic in Paris

We’ve already mentioned that our trip to New York, Paris, Prague, and Munich was for Kristina’s thirtieth. But within that trip, there were little things intended to specifically celebrate her as well.  In New York we saw the Rockettes. In Paris, it was a dressed-up dinner for two at Verjus.

Located on one of the magical little side streets in Paris that is so easy to miss, or get lost on, Verjus could just as easily go unnoticed or remain forever unheard of. That would be one of the greatest tragedies to befall mankind, ever. Think I’m being dramatic? Perhaps. But this was my single favorite dining experience. Ever. Seriously. And that’s saying a lot since most of the dishes on the chef’s tasting menu were vegetarian. I’m a carnivore. If I had to give up meat for life or give up vegetables for life, well, let’s just say, it’d be a sad day for the cows, pigs, and chickens of the world.

So we did the tasting menu. It consisted of 7 courses (plus one surprise course from the chef) for a super reasonable 68 euro per person. You can check out the menu below. We also added the wine pairings to the menu, which added another 55 euro per person (also a steal).

The blends of flavors were unreal. Again, you can see exactly what we ate on the menu. If only you could taste a picture. Come on science. You’re letting us down. In addition to the food, the staff there were some of the nicest people on the planet. Sarah and company were sweet, courteous, super accommodating, and incredibly knowledgable. I would happily fly back to Paris just to hang out with them again. Brief aside, we had heard that Parisians were rude. Our experience could not have been further from that horrible misconception. Everyone we met there was absolutely lovely and so incredibly nice (and patient with my terrible French).

Anyway, we also looked at some stuff that night. It was pretty special. You can check it all out below.



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