Christmas Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris is like shopping in New York.  There is an abundance of beautiful shops and things to buy; definitely a paradise for someone like me, Kristina, who loves shopping. Going during the holidays was magical because I was able to focus on finding gifts for loved ones while enjoying the beautiful shops in each place we visited.  We definitely had to weed through several areas filled with nothing but touristy souvenirs, but we were able to find some special things in these spots………

Christmas Markets were one of the things I was most inspired by during the trip.  The markets in Paris weren’t my favorite – they had very few vendors selling one of a kind items.  Most were selling mass-produced candies, teas, and pashminas that you can find anywhere. Quick side bar on pashminas, while I have several of these beautiful scarves and love them, why is it that they are sold in every single country I visit??? What once was something I viewed as beautiful and unique, now has become as common as shot glasses being sold on a street cart. Anyway, back to Christmas markets, there is one next to the Notre Dame, pictured immediately below, that is very small had some really nice locally made art and jewelry, and the best mulled wine.  We went back twice, mostly because I’m a total lush when it comes to mulled wine.



One thing I definitely didn’t expect to see at the Christmas market lol……..img_1470

Another stretch that was great for shopping and was beautiful were the garden shops near Notre Dame – we went there twice, too.  I didn’t buy anything, but I love plants so we just enjoyed walking around in these little green houses.


The absolute best place for one-of-a-kind gifts we found was the Montmartre neighborhood. Two of our favorite stores were Le Petit Pan, an adorable store that sold specialty children’s clothing and decor.  We bought one of these handmade mobiles for our nephew who will be joining us in March.  We also really loved the store Serigraphie, which does really cool prints on t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, and such.


The streets and neighborhoods surrounding Saint Germain de Pres offer a great variety of boutiques, high to low end, in addition to tons of great places for snack breaks – macroons, hot chocolate, candies, wine, sandwiches, all the essentials.  See some of our favorite spots below.


Cafe de Flor is famous for its hot chocolate.


L’Eclair de Genie; outtakes of me eating one below:)



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