Winter Walks in NYC

New York is truly a beautiful city, especially during the winter time.  Central Park and the Chelsea high line are two areas specifically that offer some beautiful scenery, but just wandering through the streets can be awe-inspiring as you check out the architecture and admire the impressive skyline from below.  dsc00119-copydsc00111-copyimg_1282

We found this view (and that tiny snowman) at a small mock fairytale castle nestled on a hill in Central Park. Sorry for the PDA.


I spy with my little eye, Kristina! ……Can you find her in this photo?


If all this wandering and sightseeing gets you hungry, you can stop for a snack at Russ and Daughters on the East Side. You can either go to the original grocery store and market or the newer cafe location just up the street (opened in 2014 to celebrate their 100 year anniversary). Joel Russ, a Polish immigrant who arrived in Manhattan around 1905, started the business to cater to the Jewish immigrants settling on the Lower East Side. What began as a business selling Polish mushrooms from a bag he carried over his shoulders, to a pushcart where he also sold pickled herring, finally found a storefront in 1914 when he opened J Russ International Appetizers. He moved to his current location at 179 East Houston Street in 1920 and renamed the business “Russ and Daughters” (to include new partners Hattie, Anne, and Ida), in 1933. The business is still family owned and very popular; we waited over an hour for our tasty bagels with lox.


The everything bagel was fresh, a little crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Norwegian smoked salmon was just the right amount of salty and textured beautifully. I (Adam) added tomato and onion for a little more flavor and it was delicious.


As you can see, the city was gorgeous from just about every angle. I did get some help from the rain clouds as far as the lighting went but, for all its modernity, there is some serious character and charm to New York. And, as mentioned above, the Chelsea High Line, which is an abandoned train track turned park/place for a mid-city stroll, is lovely…and popular, even in the rain.


Imagine this all green and full of flowers in the spring. Yes please.


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