Back to where it all began


The first time we went to Lure in Ventura for happy hour, I managed to talk my lovely and practical wife into considering the idea of moving to our new favorite beach town. She was reluctant, but graciously gave me the okay to at least look into what moving would entail and just how possible it would be.

Three days later, I had a value in hand for our Simi house, a loan officer ready to write us a loan on either a vacation home or the purchase of a new primary residence, and a realtor ready to either help us buy a new place and/or help us sell our existing place. I don’t mess around.

Fast forward about a year and we were sitting at the same table for happy hour where it all started. Only this time, we owned a multi-family building in Downtown Ventura and had just finished the sprucing up of a 117 year old house. We walked to Lure from our new place. There was something surreal about it all…and it all began at Lure.



Now let’s talk about the food. The happy hour menu is limited compared to their regular menu, featuring primarily appetizers and drinks, but it’s still pretty robust. There are no fewer than a dozen options for food, all of them fantastic (yes, at this point we have tried them all), and the drinks are well-priced.


Whether you’re looking for a generous helping of Ceviche, fresh (and super delicious) raw oysters (or cooked, if that’s your thing), calamari, shrimp, or clam chowder, Lure has it all. We like to make a meal of the appetizers and go Tapas style. We drink a beverage or three, and share a bunch of really good food. You can get out there fat and happy for around 50 bucks for two people, or 80 bucks for two people if you eat and drink like we do. 80 dollars is pretty comparable to what you’d pay for a full meal at Lure, with one drink or so per person, but the happy hour route is a lot more fun.

When you come to visit, just tell us you want Lure for happy hour and we will happily make that happen!



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