Packing for Winter Wonderlands

Let me start by saying that all these girls who inspired my wardrobe for this trip would have been freezing, as I was for most of this trip.  The women who were not from southern California and knew how to dress appropriately for cold weather looked more like this…..

Oh, how I wished I had that fluffy pink number that little lady on the right is wearing.  Let me preface all this by saying as well that I am a giant baby in cold weather.  Being born and raised in sunny Los Angeles has definitely spoiled me.  So here is my advice if you plan to take a trip somewhere frosty this winter. 


  1. You can wear skirts, but where some long johns underneath.  I was really comfortable wearing workout pants or these copper leggings by Tommie Copper underneath my pants or tights every day.
  2. A really good snow jacket is a good investment if you know you are going to be outside a lot.  I was most jealous of the people wearing these Canada Goose jackets, fyi they are not cheap.

3. I finally understand why people wear fur and cashmere. It’s not just because they are soft and pretty, they keep you warmer than anything else.  I had this great vintage fur stole my grandmother gave me.


4. Hats and/or ear muffs, scarves, and gloves are a must.  Don’t leave home without them. dsc00208

5. Wear lots of layers and allow 10 minutes to get ready to get out the door every day, because putting on all these extra layers takes time.

And lastly, have fun.  There is something about the cold winter air that is really exhilarating.  Doing something like going for a bike ride or a walk through the park can actually be kind of fun, just follow it up with a nice cup of hot chocolate or a warm meal.


2 thoughts on “Packing for Winter Wonderlands

  1. Lee Ann York says:

    I appreciate trying to fashionable in freezing weather, soon as I got outside, I didn't care about anything but not getting frostbite. 🙂


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