Winter Walks in NYC

New York is truly a beautiful city, especially during the winter time.  Central Park and the Chelsea high line are two areas specifically that offer some beautiful scenery, but just wandering through the streets can be awe-inspiring as you check out the architecture and admire the impressive skyline from below.  dsc00119-copydsc00111-copyimg_1282

We found this view (and that tiny snowman) at a small mock fairytale castle nestled on a hill in Central Park. Sorry for the PDA. Continue reading


Back to where it all began


The first time we went to Lure in Ventura for happy hour, I managed to talk my lovely and practical wife into considering the idea of moving to our new favorite beach town. She was reluctant, but graciously gave me the okay to at least look into what moving would entail and just how possible it would be. Continue reading

We love Ramen

We love ramen.  Like really, really love ramen. It’s like this amazing ethnic version of comfort food that is prettier than basically all american foods and more filling/delicious than chicken noodle soup or some other american counterpart. Honestly, what’s not to love about ramen. On a cold New York afternoon, it’s even better. At Ippudo NY (located at 321 West 51st Street in Midtown or at 65 4th Avenue in the East Village – we went to the one in Midtown), the line out the door and hour long wait at 1 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon should be some indication of just how good this place is. But to believe how amazing it is (seriously, I see their pork buns in dreams…still…it’s a problem), you will just have to eat there.

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Christmas time in New York

Seeing New York at Christmas was a big bucket list item checked off for me, Kristina, which is why we did it for my birthday this year! And let me just say, it should be on everyone’s bucket list. It was majestic. I definitely want to go again sometime, so hopefully this will be the first of many visits to New York at Christmas time. Do you see the look on my face in this picture, that was the look on my face constantly, a look of wonder and just trying to soak in every second of this magical place.


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Packing for Winter Wonderlands

Let me start by saying that all these girls who inspired my wardrobe for this trip would have been freezing, as I was for most of this trip.  The women who were not from southern California and knew how to dress appropriately for cold weather looked more like this…..

Oh, how I wished I had that fluffy pink number that little lady on the right is wearing.  Let me preface all this by saying as well that I am a giant baby in cold weather.  Being born and raised in sunny Los Angeles has definitely spoiled me.  So here is my advice if you plan to take a trip somewhere frosty this winter.  Continue reading