White Washing Wood Floors

So let me start by saying I am definitely not an expert on this! We just decided to give it a shot, so I watched a bunch of videos on line and we went for it.  Is it perfect, no.  Did I 100% follow the instructions, no. However, we love it and are so glad we did it! 

The first thing we did was vacuum the floors really well.  From all the work we have been doing there is tons of dirt and debris everywhere! After that we rented an orbital floor sander from Sunbelt Rentals, here in Ventura.



As you can see here Adam did a great job slowly sanding the floor down to create a nice even surface for us to paint on.  Our floors were pretty old and beat up, they hadn’t been treated in years so it just took two hits with the sander and we were ready to paint! img_0698IMG_0704.jpg

The next step before painting was cleaning the floors really well.  I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed just using a solution of warm water and vinegar.  I also scraped, patched, and sanded any imperfections I found along the way.

IMG_0989 (1).jpg

After that I was ready to paint.  I used basic white floor paint with a splash of water mixed into my tray.  I also kept a little bucket of water on hand for cleaning up any mistakes on the edges.  Home Depot also has these really paint applicators called deck pads.  They are meant for staining decks, but they work great for this too. IMG_1027.jpg

I just made my way across the room, keeping in line with the direction of the floor boards and wearing only socks to keep the floor clean. I did two coats of the white paint letting it dry for at least one hour in between coats, but the longer you can wait the better.  After that I sealed it with a water based polyurethane floor sealant.  IMG_1048.jpg

Here is the finished product! Not too bad for my first time, right? The whole process takes about 4-6 hours, not including dry time.



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