How to repair plaster

Once we got off all the old wallpaper we realized the walls were in pretty bad shape! After doing some research, I found Big Wally’s Plaster Repair.  It worked great to adhere the plaster back to the wood lath that lies behind it and, hopefully, help keep old cracks from growing and new ones from coming in.

First thing I had to do was drill holes surrounding all the cracks, making sure to stop when I hit the lath. Next, I vacuumed out the debris from the holes and sprayed the acrylic conditioner into the holes.  After that I filled the holes with the adhesive, see below.


Then, you screw these little disc things into some of the holes that clamp the plaster to the lath.  You have to let these set for 24-48 hours.


After that, I took out the screws and pulled the discs off with a putty knife, scraping off any adhesive that had dried on the outside of the wall.  Then comes the fun part, putting on the joint compound! I love working with this stuff because it looks like frosting and it’s pink! I just smoothed a light coat over all the holes and cracks, when it’s dry it turns white. I did use a wall patch on the bigger hole on the bottom to create a more solid foundation for the joint compound to adhere to.


After that comes sanding, lots of sanding, and if you have a wall that is in as bad of shape as ours, then maybe a second or third round of patching.  After that – a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint.  It’s kind of a lot of work, but look how pretty it looks when it’s done.img_0919img_0921img_0925


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