Cafe Nouveau


If I sound too excited about all of the restaurants we’ve visited in Ventura, there could be several reasons. One, I just really like food. And I really like good food. And I’m really excited about making this move and living in this town. Does it make food taste better? Maybe. But some places don’t need much help making their food taste amazing. Cafe Nouveau is one such place. I’ll try to keep this brief and just let you enjoy the food porn.




On the savory side, this variation of Eggs Benedict where the eggs are laid over a tamale was outstanding. And below, this breakfast burrito with chorizo and a generous helping of Cholula was amazing. I was full with about a third of the burrito left, but I pressed on and finished. When the complimentary mini muffins came out, I literally couldn’t even try it I was so full. I honestly was in physical pain. And it was totally worth it.



On the sweet side, the Maple Bacon Beignets, the regular Beignets, the french toast (covered in various fruits), and just about everything else we’ve tried are delicious. The key is the homemade syrup. But syrup is syrup, right? That’s what I thought. You are wrong. I was wrong. Syrup can be syrup, or it can be whatever magical pixie juice this stuff was. I can’t describe it any better than that, and words are kinda my thing. You’ll just have to try it for yourself. I know, aww shucks. My suggestions, start with some Beignets, and then try one of the savory options. It’s the best of both worlds…and then you can let me know how to describe that syrup.



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