This old house

Our house was built in 1900! That’s almost 117 years ago! We have found a lot of interesting treasures during our renovations. We have discovered some really cool architectural features, some wacky and potentially dangerous DIY jobs done through out the years, and some cool old stuff just hidden inside the walls.(no gold bars however, much to Adam’s disappointment) 

One really neat feature of the house is all the original windows have these weights on the sides that are covered by the window casing.  When we took off the window casing to repair the broken glass on this window we discovered the old rope and weight system was still in tact.  Most of the windows in the house still work, we are just going to have to make our way through the house changing out the rope and lubing up the pulleys to keep them from sticking.  This is probably going to take a while.


One of my favorite features of the house is that the original siding was just covered up with drywall when additions were added to the house.  We uncovered these two walls in the kitchen and hallway and are going to leave them exposed, just cleaning them up and giving them a fresh coat of paint.  img_0393img_0391img_0390img_0387

So this old chimney, was potentially dangerous! Bricks were literally falling off when birds landed on it.  I’m not joking, we saw one fall after hearing a caw and a rustling noise one morning.  So, I don’t have to be afraid of being impaled by a brick every time I check the mail, we just decided to get rid of the chimney.  It had been covered up inside the house and was crumbling within the walls, not worth recovery at this point.  My dad and Scott were brave enough to climb up there and cap it off!


We scraped up the old linoleum(thank you Noelle and Erik). To find original old wood flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. Pretty cool, but was in such bad condition from being untreated and eaten up by termites that we decided to just tile over it.  We will be white washing the wood flooring in the rest of the house, because it’s in much better condition.


Here you can see original knob and tube electrical wires! img_0018

Lastly, below you will see some cool old stuff we found in the walls.  My favorite is the old check and the receipts from local businesses in Ventura.  Not sure yet, what we are going to do with all this stuff, but I don’t really want to just throw it out.  Any ideas?   img_0023



2 thoughts on “This old house

  1. Becky Lamoly says:

    JoAnna Gains would be loving on your finding the batt boards in your kitchen and would also leave them exposed. How about taking the silverware, cleaning it up and that cool check and mounting them in a shadow box in memory of the homes earlier days.

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