Spencer Makenzies

Spencer Makenzies feels like your stereotypical beach eatery. It’s in a beach town. You can see the beach from several of its tables. It’s low-key with no frills or pretentiousness. It has a ton of foot traffic and nearly all of it is comprised of locals (no better indication of great food than a restaurant frequented by locals). But there is nothing stereotypical about the food here. It’s absolutely amazing.


Whether you’re on break from an office job or in between matches in your beach volleyball league, you’re at home at Spencer Makenzies. And while the vibe might be no-frills, the food is anything but.


This gorgeous concoction is the fish and shrimp burrito. It is easily the best seafood burrito I’ve ever had. And it’s massive, so there’s plenty of that deliciousness to fill you up after whatever your day managed to toss your way before lunch. For an extra kick, order it Brooklyn Style (assuming you can handle some spice). You can thank me later.


But this, this is where the real magic happens. This little-sweet-little-spicy bit of heaven should be used with a heavy hand. I like to dump a bunch of it on each bite. The spice builds, so be careful, but it seriously puts this burrito over the top. With this stuff on there, it goes from the best seafood burrito I’ve ever had to the best burrito I’ve ever had. Period.

I’m told that Spencer Makenzies serves other things. Kristina, for instance, has also had their fish tacos, Ahi salad, and Ahi burger…and some friends of ours recently had the ceviche. All were reportedly excellent, and you can put the wonder-sauce on any of it, but you’ll have to take their word for it. As for me, I have found a little slice of paradise here on Earth, and it’s wrapped in a tortilla and served Brooklyn Style. Oh, and it’s walking distance from our new place. So, remember when I gained 15 pounds in 7 days on an Alaskan cruise? Well, it’s likely that there is an encore performance in my near future.

**Quick note on that, I’ve lost all the weight from the cruise. ::bows:: Thank you very much. Just in time to eat a bunch of seafood burritos. Good thing I plan on surfing and paddle boarding and rock climbing and playing beach volleyball a bunch once I make the move. Work off those burrito calories.


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