So, we got hipster credit cards

So we have had, and loved, for several years now, the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. With our commitment to travel, a card that gave double points for all travel related expenses and all dining expenses, had no foreign transaction fee, offered great reward bonuses and gave a 25% discount on travel booked with point through the site, and was accepted everywhere on the planet just made sense for us. The cost for these features was just under a hundred bucks per year…and was, in my opinion, well worth it. Not to mention their INCREDIBLE customer service. I’m not kidding (nor have I ever experienced customer service like theirs in any field), I literally smile and joke with them the whole time I am on the phone. It’s always a human being and it’s always a truly pleasurable experience.


So imagine my surprise when I heard about Chase Sapphire’s new premium offering for travel-minded consumers, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. You may have read the articles, or seen the memes, but this card is breaking records with the hipster crowd because it values and rewards all the things young twenty-somethings also value: experience at any cost.

While it ain’t cheap (450 dollars per year plus 75 per year for each additional authorized user), the additional benefits above our Preferred card were just too good not to explore. After careful consideration, as you can see, we decided to take the plunge and pay more than 500 dollars a year for the “privilege” of using this credit card. Sound ridiculous? Here is why it made sense for us.

We travel: a lot. All of that travel is now worth 3 points on every dollar spent. We are also committed to enjoying our new town and it’s fine eateries, as you have already seen in countless posts. That’s triple points on all of those scrumptious outings as well. But beyond just the ability to accrue points quickly, there are a ton of other travel related benefits. Scroll below the pic to see all the other reason that this card just made sense for us.


There is a 100,000 point bonus if we spend 4,000 dollars in the first 3 months. We’re renovating a hundred and sixteen year old house – that shouldn’t be a problem. So those 100,000 points, when we get them, are worth about 1,500 dollars in travel booking through our cards website thanks to a generous 50% discount when using points to travel.

We are in the works of planning a fun trip for Kristina’s 30th birthday this Fall, posts on that soon to come. Once that trip is over, we will get a 300 dollar statement credit for using the card to travel – duh, it’s a travel card.

But the perks don’t stop there. We just signed up for Global Entry and used our card to pay for it. We will have that amount credited back to our card. We will also get access to airport lounges, special events and shows, unique dining experiences, and discounts galore on everything from rental cars to five-star hotels. It’s pretty sweet.

All things taken into account, this card will actually save us a little bit of money each year when compared with our Sapphire Preferred card. And we were happy to pay that 95 dollars per year. To say that we’re happier now saving a little bit of money and gaining all of these perks is a “bit of an understatement, gov’nah” (Easy A reference anyone…anyone? Where my Emma Stone fans at?)

Could this card work for you? If you travel, or want to travel, then it could very well be a good fit for you. Also, I should say, we are in no way affiliated with Chase, or Visa, though, if they want to throw some sponsorship dough our way based on my mad writing skills and raving review of their product, I totally wouldn’t say “no.”


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