When are we moving in???

So I think we’ve finally set the date to officially move in – the last week of October, just before Halloween.  We still have a lot of work to do in getting the kitchen and bathroom in good working order, and we are still working on removing wallpaper.  But, we cannot wait to make the move to the beautiful Ventura, the land of milk and honey, as Adam has been calling it. This is the beach just down the street from our new place.


We had some friends and family out last weekend to see the place.  We had a great morning of prayer and thanking God for this wonderful property He has blessed us with!


We also spent some time completing the removal of wall paper and getting the walls prepped for new paint in the main house.


Joe did a great job supervising the project for us:)


We had a delicious lunch break at Spencer Mackenzie’s. It’s right down the street and an incredible spot for lunch.  They have the most amazing fish tacos and shrimp and fish burrito I have ever had! They have this sweet chili sauce, just put it all over everything, trust me.  Adam (that’s me inside these parentheses) will write up a post about how delicious this place is soon (yeah, I will), because he is just as obsessed as I am (more so – seriously, it’s amazing).

The weather this weekend was kinda warm but, if you open up the windows in the house, you get this amazing cross breeze off the ocean that makes the temperature perfect! We spent the night in the house for the first time this weekend, too.  We slept on an air mattress upstairs. Felt like camping; it was fun! We are so excited to move in, oh, and to answer the question definitively (maybe), “When are we moving in??” The end of October (maybe).  We will keep you posted!


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