For our first Home Made Suitcase interview we wanted to highlight our friend, Nora Schuchat, the artist behind the beautiful work on instagram and etsy shop sol y mano studio. When we began to think of people who were living a Home Made Suitcase life, she was one of the first people we thought of because of the way she incorporates her passions into her daily life.  

Nora’s dream is to have her own small business some day with handmade gifts and art. Sol y mano studio is like a seed of that dream, a baby step towards it (she’s following one of the steps we talked about in this article)


Nora is almost always wearing her favorite necklace, a silver moon with a hand that hangs off of it, the symbol that inspired the name sol y mano studio.  She chose a Spanish name because of the time she spent studying in Spain and the influence that the Spanish culture has had on her life.  Sol y mano means sun and hand; Nora’s two favorite things are working with her hands and sunshine.


Nora’s constant pursuit to live a creative and fulfilling life has always inspired me.  She embraces the fact that achieving your dreams is a process and everything starts somewhere. In her words, “If I wait until it’s perfect, it’s never going to start.” So true!  She works full-time doing display for Anthropologie and commutes 90 minutes each way, so making time for her artwork can be challenging.  She will often work on small pieces during her lunch break, but she is currently protecting two nights a week to work on her art.  The other nights you will probably find her working out, spending time with her boyfriend, playing with her kitties, or visiting with family.


Nora started doing embroidery in high school and has always loved it.  She has recently circled back to it, creating work that shows influence of the time she spent studying abroad in Spain and her travels to Mexico and New Mexico.  You can see her work on her Instagram and etsy shop. She also does custom pieces.  We can’t wait to have her make something for our new place in Ventura!

Click here to check out her shop!





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