Shopping for the new place

As all this construction has been happening on the house, we have gone out a few times to get inspired and make some small purchases to decorate our new home.  We have a lot still from our old house in storage so we are trying not to go too crazy, but it is so fun just to look and see what’s out there.  Some of our favorite stops so far have been…..

  1. Room and Board in Beverly Hills


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So, we got hipster credit cards

So we have had, and loved, for several years now, the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. With our commitment to travel, a card that gave double points for all travel related expenses and all dining expenses, had no foreign transaction fee, offered great reward bonuses and gave a 25% discount on travel booked with point through the site, and was accepted everywhere on the planet just made sense for us. The cost for these features was just under a hundred bucks per year…and was, in my opinion, well worth it. Not to mention their INCREDIBLE customer service. I’m not kidding (nor have I ever experienced customer service like theirs in any field), I literally smile and joke with them the whole time I am on the phone. It’s always a human being and it’s always a truly pleasurable experience.

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Sigur Ros at the Hollywood Bowl


Ugh, we couldn’t even sit next to each other on the bus. And it was hot, and humid, and the lady sitting next to me looked at me like she hated me, and then she checked her MySpace account (she was old – that joke was for my Millennial readers), and her knee kept touching my knee and making it hot. But I digress. The point is that none of this could make this event less than life-changing.

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When are we moving in???

So I think we’ve finally set the date to officially move in – the last week of October, just before Halloween.  We still have a lot of work to do in getting the kitchen and bathroom in good working order, and we are still working on removing wallpaper.  But, we cannot wait to make the move to the beautiful Ventura, the land of milk and honey, as Adam has been calling it. This is the beach just down the street from our new place.


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For our first Home Made Suitcase interview we wanted to highlight our friend, Nora Schuchat, the artist behind the beautiful work on instagram and etsy shop sol y mano studio. When we began to think of people who were living a Home Made Suitcase life, she was one of the first people we thought of because of the way she incorporates her passions into her daily life.   Continue reading

Fancy Brunch


As you know, I could sit and stare at the ocean all day. The only thing better than sitting and looking at the ocean is doing it with some delicious food in front of you. It’s what makes life worth living. So for Valentine’s Day this past year, we had a romantic brunch at Geoffrey’s in Malibu. As you can see, the view is to die for (I just said it makes life worth living…I know…I’m even confusing myself). Jumbled metaphors and cliches aside, it really was a great place to sit and enjoy a Saturday morning/afternoon. Continue reading