Ventura House Inspiration

Now that we have officially begun the renovation on our new place in Ventura, I am getting inspired to begin decorating! The finishing details are my favorite part, but I also love creating an overall inspiration and vision for the project.  So, for project Ventura I am calling it “Modern Moroccan” with touches of Victorian as a nod to the original design of the house.  I am very feeling very inspired by Justina Blakeney; if you haven’t checked out her blog, The Jungalow, you should definitely check it out.



I love adding plants to any space, I have been known to go a little overboard with this.  I just love them so much!

Living room


Design Sponge is another great resource for inspiration.  This living room from an eclectic couple from Florida is definitely getting me excited to decorate ours.

Office/Sitting room


I just really love this chair and pretty much everything highlighted on



These bedrooms are just dreamy.



I’m loving Tayler Golden’s bathroom tile, and the tub is perfect for bath time once we start having babies.


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