Change is Good


This year I have decided to embrace change. It wasn’t easy for me; I am a planner and very schedule oriented. But I am loving it! So far this year I have chopped off all my hair, sold my house, started a blog, quit my job of 11 years, and moved to Ventura. Whew, it has been a year! Definitely did not see all that coming.  But, with lots of prayer and support from family and friends, Adam and I have never felt more excited about what the future might hold.  From all this change I have learned that letting go of fear is a huge part of taking the steps needed to take a risk and make a change toward something you are feeling called to.  While it can be scary to make changes, it is so worth it in the end.  Change makes life more exciting.  Below I have listed some of the lies that I’ve believed in the past, along with what I’ve learned about overcoming those lies and seen in the lives of friends.

I don’t have time

There is time if you make time. Or stated differently, your time reflects your priorities. We’re all busy and we all have a laundry list of things we need to do should the time ever magically appear in our schedule. But, to use another cliche, where there is a will there is a way. A friend of mine is a single mother who, in addition to being an amazing mom, is also an amateur gardener, small business owner, and a writer. She does her gardening with her son and has time allotted each day for the running of her business but, because writing is a solitary activity, struggled to get any writing done at all. Her solution: wake up an hour earlier to get some writing done when her head is clear and then carve out time in the evening after her son went to bed to write. She lost a little sleep, and there was some balancing that needed to be done to make sure she was also taking care of her health, but her time reflected her priorities. Writing was a priority for her, and nothing else could really budge, so she took the time from where it was available…her sleep time. If you have a habit or a hobby that you want to add to your life, the time is there if you make it, and you will only make it if that new hobby is truly a priority for you.


I don’t have money

This one is tricky but, if you can be patient, there is money if you make money. Are there people who aren’t even living paycheck to paycheck, but are operating at a deficit each month? Absolutely. And that is why this one is tricky. But there are likely areas (unless you are living at a deficit) that you can tighten your belt a bit, or do without once in a while, to save that money. There are countless stories of parents in impoverished neighborhoods saving a little each month to send their kids to college, or at least get them started, because it’s the most important thing for them. Sometimes small sacrifices over a period of time can get you to a seemingly unattainable place. A few simple places you can start: drink filtered water instead of soda, tea or coffee, cancel your cable (if you have it) and watch basic TV, or, better yet, get rid of your TV entirely and stream shows and movies on your phone, if you have a car, save money at the pump by riding a bike or walking shorter distances. Small changes over a long period of time can have a big impact. Be patient and hang in there. Even if it takes you years to save for your goal, it’s possible.


I am too stressed or tired

Taking time for yourself is SO IMPORTANT. I cannot stress this enough.  You need to figure out the things that fill you up and schedule them into your calendar.  For me that might look like going on hikes, spending time with Adam, friends or family, coloring in my coloring book, going to the spa, etc. For Adam that looks like watching sports, playing sports, reading a good book, eating good food at a awesome restaurant with me, etc. Doing the little things that relieve stress can go a long way towards giving you the energy to achieve your goals. And if you’re saying that you don’t have time for the little things that relieve your stress – you weren’t paying attention 3 minutes ago. Remember this about you time: it’s good for your soul!


I am not good enough

So many people think they don’t deserve to fulfill their dreams.  That is a lie.  Whatever your dream is, whether it’s becoming a professional ice skater or sailing around the world, you are good enough to make it happen, at least in some small way.  Yeah, you might not be in making it to the next Winter Olympics, but you can skate at your local rinks open ice sessions, or even take lessons if you can afford them. Don’t let the world’s measures of success keep you from what you love. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing (more on that in a second). You are good enough to do the things you want to do.


It’s all or nothing

The theme that you might be noticing here is that it’s all about your perspective.  Rather than looking at your dream as an impossible task, break it down into something that is doable now. Adam and I both love being on the water and being on sailboats. But neither of us has ever actually been in charge of the sailing. So is it crazy that we play with the idea of sailing to Fiji, or up to Alaska? I don’t think so. You never know, joining the local yacht club and learning to say may someday turn into a sailing trip around the world. Or, it may not. But that won’t stop us from trying.


What changes can you make this week? What goals do you have that feel unattainable? Find your yacht club and set sail (metaphorically, of course, if sailing isn’t your thing)!


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