Girl’s weekend


This past weekend we had our first-ever girls weekend at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.  Let’s just say that we are all a little worried that this new favorite place might empty our pocket books because it’s easy to rack up a healthy tab. Between the fancy spa treatments and $20-a-pop poolside cocktails, it adds up fast.  But if you are looking to relax and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere that makes you feel like you have escaped into a impressionism painting by Monet, this is the place for you.  

The hotel grounds are absolutely stunning, with beautiful golf courses that wrap around the entire grounds.  The architecture resembles the Spanish style with a California flare. You really feel like you have escaped to another country when you are just a short trip up the 101.


The spa is wonderful, in the same style as the rest of the resort, with beautiful Spanish tile everywhere and several places the have a quiet moment to rest and meditate.  There is a separate area for men and women so you can roam about in the nude, if you are into that sort of thing.  My mom and sister-in-law are not into seeing a bunch of naked ladies walking around, so they stayed out by the pool.  There are several pools throughout the property, but the spa has two, a lap pool and a serenity pool. A strict no cell phones, children, or dogs policy helps to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.   At the serenity pool, there is a spa cafe, which has a great juice bar and several healthy, organic lunch options.  Open from 11-4.

My sister and I decided we were willing to deal with the naked ladies so we could enjoy the relaxing amenities that are provided in the women’s spa area.  I love the steam room and sauna, taking multiple showers, and enjoying cozying up on a big lounge chair by the fireplace with a good book.  All while wearing a luxurious robe; this is the life.  The nudity doesn’t bother you once you reach this peaceful state, and we both found ourselves a little more free to bear our pasty skin by the end of this truly indulgent day.  We each got two spa treatments, with lunch in between treatments, making a full day out of it.  We all fell in love with our spa technicians and were amazed with the care and attention they paid to all of our different injuries and sensitivities.  They made us feel so cared for and special; you definitely get what you pay for…and then some.


The food and cocktails at the resort are AMAZING! The quality and attention to detail in the food was much appreciated and you really got the feeling that every bartender, server, and barista loved working there.  I totally failed at taking pictures of everything because I was so excited to eat it, but I did get some photos of this tasty breakfast I had at the Oak Restuarant.   This is the California Scramble, farm fresh eggs / kale / ricotta / red onion / tomato / walnut pesto with a slice of rustic bread.  It was soooo good and the perfect portion size.  You can see the full menu for all the restaurants on their website at


We all want to come back with our husbands, and might be making this girl’s weekend an annual thing:) Have you been before? Tell us about your experience.


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