Venice Beach and Wurstkuche

So if you’ve been following our blog since its inception (and let’s be honest, that’s not hard to do; we’ve been around for a month), then you know that I love food. I also love being on/in/near/in-sight-of the ocean, which we will get to in this post, tall girls named Kristina, which we will also get to, and a slew of other things that, unfortunately, we won’t have time for in this post. But, as I often do, I digress. Get used to it.

Anyway, I love food. If I had had my druthers, I would have put all the food pictures first in this post – after all, you lead with your story, amiright? – but because my gorgeous wife is experience based, she put a bunch of shots of us riding bikes through Venice up here first.


Don’t get me wrong, horribly uncomfortable bikes aside (we borrowed my sister-in-laws bike because, at this point, I had yet to purchase one, which I am happy to say is a situation that was rectified for me by my wife and a well thought out birthday gift), this was a really fun day. As I said, other loves include this pretty lady and being on/in/near/in-sight-of the ocean, so we had a wonderful time. And if you haven’t been to Venice Beach, it’s definitely something you should experience at least a few times in your life. The collection of people is nothing short of extraordinary – as a fan of people watching, it’s a must. Whether you’re on bikes, roller skates, rollerblades, or just walking your dog, it’s a great time and a very colorful stretch of people to walk with no shortage of things to grab your attention.


But before all that bike riding goodness happened, this lunch at Wurstkuche happened. Wurstkuche, which literally translates into “Weiner Kitchen” (seriously, I couldn’t make this up), specializes in brats of many a varied meat (all delicious) and has an assortment of beers on tap that will make your head spin.

It’s a pretty simple procedure, you pick from a couple of dozen choices in brat (and you really can’t go wrong, I have yet to have a bad brat there, though favorites include the Rabbit, Rattlesnake and Jalapeno brat and the Mango Jalapeno brat – you’re welcome), then you select if you want sauerkraut, spicy pepper mix, or sweet pepper mix on top of that delicious brat. Also, order a Groot of their Belgian Fries. Again, you’re welcome.


Now comes the hard part. There are like a dozen options for specialty sauces to dip your fries in, with the standards on the table already. I generally opt for a generous helping of honey mustard…because…brats.

Then you have to pick a beer. That ain’t easy. But if you like light beers, K loves the Blanche de Bruxelles(pictured above) as a light, middle of the day sort of beer. I get something different every time. Variety is, after all, a cliche that I refuse to finish.


The decor is just want you’d expect from a trendy and delicious LA eatery. It’s simple, industrial, but there is plenty of it. And if the inside space gets a little loud for your liking and the day isn’t too hot, you can cruise out onto this sweet little patio for a more intimate dining experience.

And now, so shots of some awesome food.



The moral of the story here, kids, is that Wurstkuche is a must-try for lovers of exotic meats, exotic beers, or amazing food. If that isn’t you, how the heck did you make it to the end of this post? Until next time, hands off my fries.


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