Packing for a honeymoon in Costa Rica

My sister got married last year and went on her honeymoon this past January to Costa Rica. They stayed in Montezuma at Ylang Ylang beach resort and had a wonderful time. I had the wonderful privilege of helping her pack for the trip, as you know from previous posts, packing is one of my favorite past times.

Below are some of the outfits that we put together for her trip. She felt very happy with everything that she brought the only thing she would have done differently is brought some lightweight cargo pants for zip lining and another romper or dress because they are so easy to wear when traveling in warmer climates.


Below are some photos from their trip.  It was super beautiful and a great place to go for a honeymoon.  Their favorite thing they did was go ziplining and swimming in the Montezuma Falls. Adam and I are definitely going to have to add this one too our list of places to go.  Next on Noelle and Erik’s list is to go somewhere in Europe! Erik is passionate about going to  Scandinavia.




Fall Style Inspiration

So, it’s almost September, and here in Southern California, it’s probably going to be super hot through October, but Fall officially starts on September 22nd! It’s a great time to get re-inspired and play around with incorporating some of these trends into your wardrobe in a weather appropriate way.  Below I have listed some of our favorites that we will be working into our looks starting now….. Continue reading

Ventura House Inspiration

Now that we have officially begun the renovation on our new place in Ventura, I am getting inspired to begin decorating! The finishing details are my favorite part, but I also love creating an overall inspiration and vision for the project.  So, for project Ventura I am calling it “Modern Moroccan” with touches of Victorian as a nod to the original design of the house.  I am very feeling very inspired by Justina Blakeney; if you haven’t checked out her blog, The Jungalow, you should definitely check it out.

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Change is Good


This year I have decided to embrace change. It wasn’t easy for me; I am a planner and very schedule oriented. But I am loving it! So far this year I have chopped off all my hair, sold my house, started a blog, quit my job of 11 years, and moved to Ventura. Whew, it has been a year! Definitely did not see all that coming.  But, with lots of prayer and support from family and friends, Adam and I have never felt more excited about what the future might hold.  From all this change I have learned that letting go of fear is a huge part of taking the steps needed to take a risk and make a change toward something you are feeling called to.  While it can be scary to make changes, it is so worth it in the end.  Change makes life more exciting.  Below I have listed some of the lies that I’ve believed in the past, along with what I’ve learned about overcoming those lies and seen in the lives of friends.

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New house(s) in Ventura

Have you ever seen that old Tom Hanks movie where he and his wife buy this beautiful old home for a steal of a price, only to start doing work and find out that everything is wrong with the house and it was basically being held up with the decaying bodies of dead termites and the tears of the rats living in the walls? Three different people mentioned that movie to us when we closed escrow on our new place in Ventura – not a good sign.

Now that we’re in and we’ve started demolition, it’s clear that this will not be a real money pit, but will be a crap-ton of work. We’re starting with the kitchen and bathroom, two relatively inexpensive things to remodel in a new house (sarcasm) and, while the walls are open, we’ll fumigate and redo all of the electrical (because the house is on the verge of burning down – and now the visions of The Money Pit come streaming back into my head. Out evil thoughts! Out!).

On the outside, the house is an old victorian built in 1900. That’s 116 years of goodness building up in those old bones. The siding is falling apart in places. Wood beams are eaten through by termites in places. There is dry rot all over the place. Have I mentioned The Money Pit?

The good news is that it’s listed as a triplex, but has the potential to be a five-unit building, which would add a ton of value and bring in a lot more income. All good things. Also, the price was right (I know, I said that about the movie as well) because the previous owner knew about all this work that needed doing.

And we are the ones to do it!

Check out all that natural light, the original hardwood floors, the…okay, that’s it. But it certainly has potential. And we love potential. We also really love that we are officially residents of Ventura.

Besides, Tom Hanks, when his house is done, loves what he has and they all lived happily ever after. Here’s to happily ever after!

Man Trip


So my wife’s family had this tradition well before I ever came along, where my brother-in-law and my father-in-law would meet up with “Uncle Timbo” and his son for a camping/backpacking trip. It usually happens in Yosemite, or Stanislaus, or the Emigrant Wilderness, and it has become, since Erik and I joined the party, into quite the affair.

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Girl’s weekend


This past weekend we had our first-ever girls weekend at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.  Let’s just say that we are all a little worried that this new favorite place might empty our pocket books because it’s easy to rack up a healthy tab. Between the fancy spa treatments and $20-a-pop poolside cocktails, it adds up fast.  But if you are looking to relax and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere that makes you feel like you have escaped into a impressionism painting by Monet, this is the place for you.   Continue reading

Venice Beach and Wurstkuche

So if you’ve been following our blog since its inception (and let’s be honest, that’s not hard to do; we’ve been around for a month), then you know that I love food. I also love being on/in/near/in-sight-of the ocean, which we will get to in this post, tall girls named Kristina, which we will also get to, and a slew of other things that, unfortunately, we won’t have time for in this post. But, as I often do, I digress. Get used to it. Continue reading

Our favorite hikes in Simi Valley

So, many people I know, myself included, complain about the lack of things to do in Simi Valley.  However, one area in which it is not lacking, beautiful landscapes and plenty of great hiking trails.  In this article you can read about some of our favorites, we hope you take a trip to Simi to check them out!

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