Lucky Llama Coffee House

The best acai bowls I have ever had! So good! This little coffee shop in Carpenteria is definitely worth checking out.  


I took a day off work a few weeks ago to spend a day resting and praying about future adventures for Adam and I.  The Lucky Llama was the perfect place, plenty of comfortable spots to sit and several delicious breakfast options, coffees and teas.  I chose the mint tea and the Fes Avo bowl, as you can see from the photos it was pretty delicious.


My friend, Jordan, got me this great book by Lonely Planet called, The Best Place to Be Today, that lists the best time of year to go to certain locations around the world based on exciting events, activities, wildlife/nature sightings, etc.  It is a really fun book to look at for inspiration and dreaming about your next vacation.  IMG_9001IMG_9003IMG_9004IMG_9011IMG_9010IMG_9013IMG_9009IMG_9012IMG_8996


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