The Port of Seattle

So this is, by far, one of my favorite big-city skylines I have ever seen. Set right on the water, perpetually cloudy skies, and, of course, the space needle, this skyline has almost everything I love in a single glance. Not even a head-turn needed.

Because we didn’t spend any real time in the city, a shame – I know, all of our shots are of the water and the only thing about which we can speak authoritatively is that it sure looks beautiful from the harbor. So with that, some shots of Seattle from our ship. Enjoy!



I think it’s fair to say that one could do worse than that little 40-foot sail boat I snapped a picture of, parked in the harbor in this last picture, and taken on little tours up into Canada or Alaska, or down into Oregon, California, or even Baja. I could certainly do that. Could you?


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