Rafting on the Eagle Preserve


We made these faces in response to our outfits. They were pretty special. And the boardshorts I decided to wear turned out to be super impractical as we didn’t come close to exiting the boat, thanks to some stellar boat captaining.

Again, I digress. In Skagway we decided to do a big family excursion in search of some serious wildlife. We knew we’d see eagles (we were visiting an eagle preserve after all). But we were also hoping to see some bears, maybe a grizzly or coastal brown bear, a moose perhaps. Alas, we only saw eagles, but we saw a crap-ton of them and they were beautiful…so…there’s that.



Our trip began with a ferry trip to Haines, AK. This was probably my favorite small town that we saw. It was virtually untouched by tourism and had a ton of cool history to it. This is the view from the harbor there.



Back on the eagle preserve, we saw a bunch of these guys. They were pretty, but the scenery as we floated that river was the real show stopper. It was gorgeous and had all of us questioning whether or not we could handle the winters in order to fully enjoy the summers. Then we all realized that we could just come up in the summer and abandoned that ridiculous idea of being a “year-rounder.”


That’s a real bird on that log there. They would sit and look for fish trapped in the marsh as the river waters ebbed away. Note the lack of white on his head, which means he (or she I guess) is a juvenile, which probably isn’t surprising given his arrogant pose as the boat came by.


Could you live here? We thought about it.


Overall, we saw more than 30 bald eagles, not to mention some incredible scenery. No bears or moose, but still a great time with family in a gorgeous place.



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