Fjords are Fun

Geologically, a fjord or fiord (English pronunciation: Listeni/ˈfjɔːrd/ or Listeni/fiˈɔːrd/)[1] is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion.


So basically, that pretty stretch of light blue with what looks like tire marks on it, made all of this. It’s a glacier, friends, and they are absolutely beautiful. In fact, our one regret from this trip is that we didn’t do the glacier excursion that the boat offered (we overheard people who did the excursion talking later and they got to kayak up to the glacier and go through caves in the ice. Super cool! So, of course, we were super jealous). Definitely on our short list of things to do when we go to Alaska next. Enjoy the photos.


On a sad note, they said that this particular glacier is receding by about 15 feet per year and there are some glaciers receding by as much as 22 feet per year. But that is part of the beauty of this landscape. You can literally take another trip here three years from now and it will look totally different.



Who knows what the background will look like years from now when we retake this picture?


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