The Alaskan Fish House

Alaska’s second largest city, Juneau, has fewer people than our tiny (former) home town of Simi Valley. It’s true. While it isn’t known for it’s population, Alaska does have quite the reputation for fish. Much of the economy in Alaska is centered around tourism and fishing. And those two things come together gloriously in Ketchikan at the Alaska Fish House.


I’m mean look at this. Seriously. I have a thing for Salmon. It’s my favorite fish at most sushi restaurants – if they’re doing it right. It’s clean, melts in your mouth, and has a slight buttery taste that honestly haunts me. The last time we went for sushi, I ate 8 orders of Salmon nigiri, and then a bunch of other nigiri and rolls. But I digress.

With the abundance of fish swimming around in these icy waters, nothing is prettier than these pink/orange beauties. It’s as fresh as they come.


It’s prepared fresh when you order it. Of course.


And it looks incredible. So needless to say, I ordered a little of everything. With so much to choose from, the fish and chips sampler is the perfect option. It has three large pieces of fish, one salmon, one cod, and one halibut, all battered and fried to perfection.


They’ll even put it in a taco if Mexican food is your thing – like it is for my lovely sister-in-law Kelli. Say “hi” Kelli.


Located right in the heart of downtown Ketchikan, this blessing of a fish house is right where it needs to be to give you the best fish and chips you’ll ever have. Should you wander into Ketchikan some day, stop here for a flavor assault you won’t soon forget.


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