Ketchikan, Alaska

Though small – we walked the whole thing in about 30 minutes – Ketchikan is certainly not short on charm. Once you manage to get through the main downtown area, which is geared primarily toward tourists, there are some incredible things to see. Let’s take a walk through Ketchikan, shall we?


This is Creek Street. Cute, right? Looks like a great place to raise a family. But it’s past is more colorful than the buildings. In the early twentieth century, this stretch of Ketchikan was home to several brothels and all of the working girls in Ketchikan. If logging and fishing are big business, then keeping those lonely men company will also, eventually, become big business.


Buried in the back of Creek Street, you can find this little tram? Trolley? Gondola? Terminology aside, it carts people up to the Cape Fox Lodge at the top of the hill with gorgeous views looking down on downtown Ketchikan.


Here’s another view of Creek Street, cleverly named because of it’s proximity to the creek. This gentleman was kind enough to point out the salmon that were running up stream while we were there. Thank you bald sir.



While we didn’t get to see any salmon trying to jump up this little rapid, it was pretty none-the-less.


Another rapid, still no jumping fish. Se la vie.


After Creek Street, we wandered around the town itself, away from most other tourists. It was amazing to see all of the age and weather in these old buildings.



Age and weather everywhere. This boat looked almost as old as the house it was guarding.



Don’t forget, while wandering Ketchikan, to keep your eyes peeled for natural beauty. It won’t be hard, it’s gorgeous literally everywhere you look.


Finally, check out the Totem Heritage Center. It’s small, but is home to the largest collection of classic wooden totem poles. They are pretty awesome to see. And, possibly more interesting, is the history of the poles and of the people who carved them. The indigenous people were fascinating and have a rich history. More pics below.


Finally, check out this random park we found. Ketchikan is small, you’ll be able to find it, too. Remember to dress warm, bring plenty of layers, and pack a good camera. Ketchikan will have you putting it to good use.



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