How to pack for an Alaskan Cruise



In the middle of closing escrow on our new house and mountains of paperwork, we decided to leave town. We’re headed out for our first cruise to Alaska for a fun family vacation! We’ll be at sea for 1 week, and itinerary that includes Seattle, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria Island, BC. Should be fun…but what to wear?

This week, in addition to our doc-signing marathon, we are getting packed up and ready to head out.  Adam and I have grown to pride ourselves on only traveling with carryon bags for our trips. After many nightmares of lost luggage, think missing luggage not coming back to you until 2 weeks later soaked in Italian wine or your luggage missing your connecting flight and barely getting relocated before heading out to islands with nothing but a single change of clothes and some snorkel gear.  We’ve decided we would rather not worry about it and just keep our luggage with us whenever possible.  Most of our trips so far have been in warmer climates so this hasn’t been too difficult to achieve, however, this trip to Alaska presents a little bit of a challenge.  As you saw in our itinerary above, we have an interesting combination of active, leisure, and formal activities being on a cruise.  Also, there is the weather factors of extended daylight, rain, wind, etc. that have left me a little intimidated of how to pack.  With all that said, here is what I have decided to bring. Stay tuned for style posts when we return from our trip:


  1. 5 tops
  2. 3 sweaters
  3. 3 dresses
  4. 2 skirts
  5. 2 pants
  6. 2 shoes
  7. 2 jackets
  8. 2 swimsuits

Plus workout clothes, pajamas, underwear etc. My goal was to bring several versatile pieces that could either be dressed up for a nice dinner or dressed down for a day exploring one of the Port cities.

Stay tuned on Instagram for photos. We’ll try to post some while we are gone, but will most likely just be enjoying the time with our family and will update the blog when we get home! See you in a week!


2 thoughts on “How to pack for an Alaskan Cruise

  1. Katie Granata says:

    Good luck with that whole carry on thing once you guys have kids. We used to be that way too! Now we are pushing the weight limit on the checked luggage and look like pack mules when we go away for a weekend! I don’t know how such tiny people need so much stuff!

    Love reading your blogs! Your trip looked amazing. I am very jealous!


    • homemadesuitcase says:

      That will definitely be a challenge we will have to play around with once that happens! I am sure I will be calling you for tips. Adam and I are so happy you are enjoying the blog, hope to see you again soon!


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