Lucky Llama Coffee House

The best acai bowls I have ever had! So good! This little coffee shop in Carpenteria is definitely worth checking out.   Continue reading


The Port of Seattle

So this is, by far, one of my favorite big-city skylines I have ever seen. Set right on the water, perpetually cloudy skies, and, of course, the space needle, this skyline has almost everything I love in a single glance. Not even a head-turn needed.

Because we didn’t spend any real time in the city, a shame – I know, all of our shots are of the water and the only thing about which we can speak authoritatively is that it sure looks beautiful from the harbor. So with that, some shots of Seattle from our ship. Enjoy! Continue reading

Juneau, Alaska


In Juneau we rode the Mount Roberts tramway to enjoy these  gorgeous views.  There are also some great hiking trails up there, a fancy gift shop/restaurant and a free show by the Alaska string band. Definitely worth the $33 ticket, the only thing I would have done differently is dressed for hiking because it would have been really fun to hike further a long the trails.  The air is so fresh out here I couldn’t get enough of it!

The Alaskan Fish House

Alaska’s second largest city, Juneau, has fewer people than our tiny (former) home town of Simi Valley. It’s true. While it isn’t known for it’s population, Alaska does have quite the reputation for fish. Much of the economy in Alaska is centered around tourism and fishing. And those two things come together gloriously in Ketchikan at the Alaska Fish House. Continue reading

Cruise Detox Smoothie

So, as you can tell from our last post, we were definitely craving some clean eating and getting back into our normal routine once we got off the ship.  I pulled together what I could find in the pantry to make this smoothie to help with bloating and make me feel better.  It was pretty good and pretty easy to throw together.  See the recipe below……….. Continue reading

Why cruising makes you fat

Remember this little factoid from the previous post? The average cruiser gains one pound per day on a cruise. The overachievers do far more damage. I have always been a bit of an overachiever, so it should come as no surprise that I put that figure (and my figure) to shame. But, when you see the pictures below, I’m sure you’ll at least understand how I managed to gain 15 pounds in only 7 days. I know. I’m an impressive human being. Let’s not even discuss the 6 or 7 soft serve ice cream cones I put down each day, usually two at a time. I hate myself and I love myself.

Continue reading