Ventura, feels like us.


With each trip, we fell more in love. While this is true in the sappy, obnoxious traveling-makes-us-love-each-other-more sense, it is also very true of each of our visits to our favorite California seaside town, and almost-home, Ventura.

When we first visited Ventura, we were struck by its quaint downtown area and the charm and history of its buildings. We had always wanted to live by the ocean, so Ventura was a natural fit there. We had also toyed with the idea of moving to a small town like Paso Robles or Santa Ynez, both in California as well, because we liked the idea of a cool, walkable place where we could be regulars in the restaurants and coffee shops and run into people we knew around town. We didn’t want a town of 500 people or so, everyone knowing everyone else’s business isn’t appealing, but something smaller than, say, Los Angeles would be great. So with each successive visit to Ventura, we recognized that it really was the perfect town for us.
Then, the issue became getting there. We needed to sell our house in Simi Valley, and then there is the always arduous task of finding a house and beating out all of the investors with way more money and a strong desire for every house you are interested in.
Turned out that the selling side of things was about as painless as can be. My gorgeous and talented wife staged the hell out of that thing and we had seven offers, all over asking, after the first three days on the market. So…done.
The finding a house in Ventura part wasn’t as easy. Remember all those investors I mentioned about thirty seconds ago, well they seemed to have it out for us. If they weren’t outbidding us or underbidding us with all cash offers (and still winning), they were deciding that they didn’t, in fact, want to sell their property when we were the only people interested. Yay. But our realtors were brilliant and, when a wonderful house that Kristina was in love with came on the market, they had just the right kind of plan. It’s called an acceleration clause and it got us into our house. Now the easy part, right?
Wrong. More to come……



4 thoughts on “Ventura, feels like us.

  1. Christie Cox says:

    Congrats on living the dream!! Dave and I just moved back home from living right on the beachfront Mandalay Bay in Oxnard for 4 1/2 months. It really is amazing. I think everyone who lived near us during the relocation thought twice about moving to the beach. It was truly a different world in a great way. You guys will love this! I can’t wait to hear more details.


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