Adam’s style story


Hi! This is Kristina:) Adam will be writing most of the posts, while I get all the photos organized, but this one I thought should come from me.  I would like to tell you Adam’s style story and how I eventually got him out of cargo pants and tshirts. Yay!


These are all photos that I have slyly taken of him over the past year while he is not looking because he is so adorable I just can’t help myself.  I am so proud of him, he put together all of these outfits all by himself! No help needed.

We have been together for 11 years and the first 9 years of our relationship I continually tried getting him to define a personal style of his own.  I tried buying him things to push him outside of his comfort zone to which he would say, “Stop trying to make me be the kind of guy that wears cardigans, I am never going to be that guy!” I tried showing him photos of different types of outfits online and putting together outfits for him.  He continued to resist; the funny thing was that he would always complain about how he felt underdressed or that he didn’t fit in certain social settings.

It wasn’t until he began pursuing his career as a teacher that he felt ready to change.  He realized that when he dressed a certain way he felt better about himself and he began to not only change his style for work, but his personal style as well.  He found a brand that he loves, Jcrew, and started pulling tears out of the catalogs to show me.  My jaw dropped to the ground!

For Christmas this year, I took some of those tears and put together outfits inspired by those looks mixing new pieces with things he already had.  He loved it!

We are still continuing to build his wardrobe, but overall he has much more fun with his style than he ever has, and I am so proud of him! If you can relate to this experience or are in the middle of it, I’d love to hear your stories about changing either your own style or that of a loved one!


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