Cajun Kitchen


While neither large nor fancy, the Cajun Kitchen is one of the best spots for brunch we have ever been to. Perhaps because of its size, or its laid back decor, it doesn’t get the same publicity as trendier spots in LA. But what it lacks in pizzazz (I’ve always wanted to use that word in writing) it more than makes up for in incredible food.


As you can see, it looks far more like a roadside diner from the eighties than a brunch spot with the best beignets outside of Louisiana. That’s not an exaggeration. And if I could, I’d like to take a minute to describe to those of you, dear readers, who have never tried a beignet. Do it. Right now. They are like the delicious love child of a donut, french toast, and funnel cake. It’s remarkable, really, that some genius had the intuition to make such a delightful concoction.

Anyway, the rest of the meal was delicious, too. Kristina loved her omelet and my breakfast burrito covered in chili was a revelation. I’ve had breakfast burritos with taco sauce, and with beans, so why it never occurred to me to put chili on a breakfast burrito, honestly, frustrates me. I could have lived a far more enriched and satisfying life. Se la vie.


Needless to say, these were the before pictures. The after pictures were boring white plates with tiny smears of ketchup or chili. The rest was long gone.

So overall, A+ for the Cajun Kitchen. We waited for about thirty seconds to be seated during prime brunch hours (which really was a stroke of luck as the restaurant was packed the whole time we were there). We were waited on by a courteous and attentive staff, and we ate some of the most remarkable breakfast/brunch food we’ve ever had. We can’t wait to be regulars here, and at some of our other favorite Ventura eateries.

And, of course, if you have suggestions, in Ventura or elsewhere, please shoot them over. I love new restaurant recommendations…almost as much as I love food!


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