The Finished Apartments, whew.

It’s been some time, and for that, we are sorry. Things have been crazy, but we are finally coming up for air and ready to share a little of what we’ve been up to. First things first, we’ve been neck deep in renovating our back apartment units. We had a tenant move out, so we jumped in there and started work on that unit. When we finished, our other tenant wanted the newly fixed unit, so we moved them across the hall and jumped into their old place and started to renovate that. All the while, we were working on transforming the studio space into something inhabitable. Before and after pics are below.

The Studio: Before (say “hi” to our realtor Aaron)

As you can see, kind of a dump.

The Studio: After


It turned out alright. Here are the two apartments; the first one we redid is first and then the one we got into when our tenants moved across the hall is last.

Apartment One: Before (I’m peaking out the window)

Apartment One: After


Apartment Two: Before


Apartment Two: After



Sticky Fingers Baking Company

Next stop on Main Street is Sticky Fingers Baking Company is a lovely little bakery about ten minutes walking from our house. It’s a single batch bakery, which means that they bake their confections fresh every morning and, once they’re gone – they gone.


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A walking tour of Prague


So Prague. Am I right? Honestly every building in Praha is photograph worthy. And not like 14-year-old-flooding-your-feed-with-selfies kind photo-worthy, but actual stunning architecture, history, and design photo-worthy. That was a weird sentence. This post is going off the rails fast. Check out some pics and I’ll try to regroup.

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How We Decided Real Estate Investment Was a Good Idea

7 years ago, after years of searching, we found the beauty below and thought, “This! This is the house that will launch our real estate investment career.”

Obviously, that’s not true. We were just looking for a home, a place to live, a roof over our heads that was ours. Real estate as a form of investment was still just a twinkle in my eye, and something that Kristina was not that into. But things change.


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Introducing….The Studio

One of the things that was the most intriguing about our place when we were first looking at it was this locked storage room. It hadn’t been entered in years and the listing agent didn’t even have a key for it. Of course, the dream is that you purchase an old place like this and, once you get into the mysterious storage space, discover that it’s where the original owner stored her gold bars, or long lost Picasso paintings, or stash of emeralds and diamonds and rubies. No such luck. But is it crazy to say that what we did find was almost as good?

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Koba Sushi on Main Street

Our run through the restaurants of Main Street continues with Koba sushi. This quaint little place is just no frills, no fuss, fish. The menu is simple and small, with only a few specialty rolls on there. The price is comparable to most other sushi places, but the portions are massive and everything tasted super fresh.

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Let’s get healthy

If you have been following our blog for any length of time now, you’ve probably noticed we like to eat, and we like to eat everything.  So while we respect the vegans and health conscious individuals out there, we don’t like putting too many restrictions on ourselves.  With that said, we do want to take care of our bodies and be healthy, soooo we are committing to incorporating more greens and less sugar into our daily diets.   Continue reading